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The desert

« The desert is beautiful », says the small Prince, « we sit down on a sand dune. We see nothing. We hear nothing. And however something shines silently. »

Sand sea: erg
Big dune

… a fascinating universe allowing the dream and the meditation... while walking in ergs (deserts of sand) and in regs (deserts of pebbles), with the peaceful rhythm of dromedaries.
The region extends from Zagora to Foum Zguid, not far from the Algerian borders, and from Tazzarine in the dunes of Merzouga in the erg Chebbi.

The desert, is to appreciate simple moments of happiness as mint tea under the Berber tent, look at the Milky Way and other thousands of stars as well as the rise of the moon, share an evening around the fire, listen to the Berber songs accompanied by the tambourines of the camel drivers, and taste the bread cooked in the sand…

My proposals :
DHikes or in back of dromedary (méharées)

The most convenient period : october to april

Walking on the crest
of the dune

Rose of Jerrico