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Fes - Marrakesh - Meknès - Rabat

Organised trip by bus from Marrakesh, nights in comfortable hotel.

8 days

If Morocco is recognized for the variety of its beautiful landscapes which unite the Atlas Mountains with the dunes of the desert, it is less for its history. However, this one adds to the Berber culture, a long Islamic tradition which make all the wealth of the Moroccan society.

During the history, this African northwest country knew a succession of civilizations: Berber, Roman, bysantine, carthagénoise, phoenician, Arabic and lots of others; this mixture and this accumulation are visible by the architecture of the historic monuments which characterizes each of these major cities. These last ones mark the peak of the dynasties which built them.

Our journey through these Moroccan imperial cities will allow us to understand the whole history of Morocco; the discovery of the most beautiful aspects of a country rich in historic vestiges and the meeting of a population different than the one in the mountains and in the desert.

tiskiwine Tiskiwine house in Marrakesh