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etoile  The team

Our ways of transport...

équipe muletiers

In the mountain, a muleteers' team makes the transport of luggage and the necessary equipment by loading mules (generally one mule for 2 personsbr>
Berbers, native of the villages you cross, the muleteers know perfectly the routes. Very serious in their work, they have a big respect for the animals which they use.

Loading mules

For the desert, the way of transport is the dromedary, called familiarly camel. The camel drivers so welcoming and generous as their "colleagues" of the mountains” make all their possible to give you the best quality for your stay.

dromadaire et minibus
Vessel of the desert

etoile  The Bivouac

After your day, walking , mountain biking or 4x4 driving, you discover your bivouac: a small paradise with, if the region allows it, a water source for a small toilet ….!
The tent marabout pitched by the team.
The tea and the biscuits wait for you whereas the cook already prepares the dinner, which, as all the meals are served under the tent marabout.


Our bivouac


Bivouac in the Roses valley

The place incites to the relaxation, to the musing or to the game ….

« The one who doesn’t know the silence of the desert, doesn’t know what’s the silence »      Touareg Proverb

etoile  The meals

Breakfast : one of the best moments of the day !!

Still a little asleep, the sun caresses you hardly: you can appreciate quietly a warm drink (coffee, chocolate, tea, milk) with bread, jam, honey and cheese spread.

Lunch : Hassan found « the nice place » for the picnic and you appreciate salads, cans of fish, a warm dish (starchy food for slow-burning sugars necessary for the walking), cheese and fresh fruit.


Dinner : the soup is systematic, followed by a traditional warm dish, couscous, “tajines”, moroccan spaghettis…without forgetting the famous bread cooked locally.
Prepared by experimented cooks, the well-balanced meals answer the nutritional needs of the walkers (Consumed Energy due to the physical activity, the altitude, the adaptation to the climatic conditions).

Preparation of the fritters
in the kitchen

The mint tea served before every meal gives you appetite and the herb tea after the dessert allows you to spend a peaceful night.
This cooking arises from Moroccan traditional receipts and from the know-how transmitted from generation to generation in villages. You will be introduced to a cooking full of flavours, spiced (but not too much!), you can get familiar with them by spending time with the cook under his tent !

The water used to cook is drinking water drawn from sources or wells. It’s boiled for the tea and the coffee and chlorinated for the wash of vegetables.
For the water you drink, it's better to treat it with typical purifying pastilles, like Micropur®, Hydrochlonazone®, Aquatabs® …

jerricans We shall not miss water!

etoile  The climate

« Last weather report… Morocco is a cold country where the sun is warm… »

The definition is very good, the particularly warm days in great majority, refresh to be cool at sunset
Whether it is in mountains or in the desert, it can be very cold with possibilities of frosts during the night, the rain is not impossible either. Follow this Berber advice: “ what protects from the cold, protects from the warmth… »
And forget the idea : it is not always warm in Morocco and we do not come back necessarily tanned!
But if it is warm, protect yourself, it would be regrettable to waste your stay because of sunburns. Hat, cap, cheich, whatever the kind are obligatory!


« The farmer hopes for the rain, the walker hopes for the sun and the Gods hesitate »      Chinese Proverb

etoile  The group


Group in the sunset on a dune

etoile  The welcome

On your arrival at the airport, I welcome you and take you with minibus, 4X4 or taxi up to the hotel where we get acquainted.
First exchanges and answers to the various questions concerning the organization of the journey.
For return, I also organize the transfers to the airport.