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Family journeys

Child with muleteer
Children's game with muleteers

Your children are 7 years old and more, they will appreciate the life in the open air, the pleasure to travel in an other way and meet different people.

Hiking in family (easier), with shorter stages, whether it is in the desert or in mountain, allows you to share with your close relations unforgettable moments.

The children meet the small Moroccan, are amazed in front of the load of the camel or the mule, tease the muleteers and the camel drivers. They will be the first ones in the snack to feast on fritters.

My proposals :
Journeys from 8 to 15 days, flexible according to the demand.

Hassan with the children
Descent of dune

« Know here or there somebody who understands you in spite of the estrangement or the unexpressed thoughts, here is what can make a garden on this earth »      J.W von Goethe