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… an uncommon adventure, never ended, always new, a shock of life culture, a real disorientation…

You like mountains, nature, you are interested by the faun and the flora, you like walking, discovering, sharing, meeting, … and you would like to know what’s the desert…. I can help you realizing your projects for moroccan holidays.

«My job ? To make you love my country, to show you its beauty and complexity.»      (Tahar Ben Jelloum)

How to travel with Hassan


« Spread your tents and approach your hearts »      (Tuareg proverb)


« Walk in front of you like the first camel of a caravan… »

The best way to discover the Atlas, the desert, the Atlantic coast…

The best way to get resourced, to forget all troubles…

The best way to meet the Berbers, to discover their way of life…

Is to hike !!

Hiking in the Saghro
South versant of the Atlas

I recommend you to walk according your wishes and your mobility.

The programs are flexibel and you walk with a small rucksack with your personal effets for the day.

We move forward according your rhythm, on the mule-tracks or in the dunes, all senses wide-awaked to take advantage of all small details waiting us step by step.

In the bend of a road, at the end of the day, when you feel tired….you see your tent prepared by the muleteers, your luggage shielded from the dust and : the stimulant tea is ready ….

the Tea is ready  !